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Mission Statement

Empower Eco Heroes with exponential technology to protect Earth’s vital ecosystems.

Vision Statement

We see a world where every act of consumption is met with an equal or greater act of regeneration. 


GenBlue is building an Earth Positive economy. 

Earth Positive means that you give more to replenish the Earth than you take from it. GenBlue enables any organization, person, or government to become Earth Positive by investing in natural capital projects pioneered by Eco-heroes. 

Imagine if every act of consumption was met with an equal and greater act of regeneration. We plant forests that sequester more carbon than emitted driving or flying. When we buy food, we support the transition to regenerative agricultural practices that replenish soils and protect waterways. This is what a true regenerative economy looks like.

GenBlue creates partnerships with Earth Positive organisations, and well-vetted Eco-heroes who restore forests and oceans, invigorate their local communities, and protect biodiversity.

Our Earth Positive investments fuel a regenerative economy that rewards its participants for acts of conservation and restoration instead of consumption and growth.

We are alive at a unique moment in time. United by purpose. To protect our planet for all generations to come.


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